trust wallet for Agrium

To store these crypto assets we need a wallet or digital wallet. One of the most famous digital wallets is Trust Wallet. However, there are still many people who are still confused about how to install and register a Trust Wallet account.

For information, Trust Wallet is a crypto digital wallet that is used to store crypto currency privately. Trust Wallet supports a wide variety of crypto assets, it can even store NFTs. The application is claimed to support more than 1 million crypto assets and 53 blockchains. In addition, through the Trust Wallet users can also buy other tokens on decentralised exchanges (CEX) such as AGRIUM, MinangCoin, and so on.

Trust Wallet can be installed on Android and iOS devices. However, on iOS devices this digital wallet cannot be used to its full potential. That’s because iOS devices don’t support opening a browser inside the app, so they can’t run DApps (Decentralized App). Well, to find out how to easily install and register a Trust Wallet account on Android, see the following tutorial.

How to Install and Register a Trust Wallet Account

  1. Open the Play Store and search for “Trust Wallet”.
  2. Click install and wait until the application is finished downloading and will automatically be installed on your smartphone.
  3. After the process is complete, you can directly register a wallet account by clicking Create New Wallet or clicking I already have a wallet if you have had an account.
  4. Next, you will enter the legal section which contains the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Just check the box I’ve read and accept the terms of service and privacy policy at the bottom left and click continue.
  5. After that, you will be in the Back Up Your Wallet Now section. Immediately click I understand and click continue.
  6. You will get 12 words which are called recovery phrases. Take notes, take photos, copy paste, or screenshot the words you get. Recovery phrases are very important and serve as a prerequisite for logging into a Trust Wallet account on other devices, so make sure you take notes or take photos of them. Then, click continue.
  7. Enter the recovery phrase that you got earlier. Make sure to sort the words according to what you got.
  8. If you have done all of the above, congratulations, you already have a Trust Wallet account and are ready to use it to store your crypto assets.

That’s an easy way to install and register a Trust Wallet account. By having a digital wallet account, you can easily store crypto assets, from coins to NFT.