This project started in April 2022, and when declared ready, AGRIUM will conduct public exposure according to the AGRIUM Coin Roadmap/Milestone.

Private Sale During ICO-STO

Investors are part of Organic Agriculture development to create a healthier world. We are using the Initial Coin Offering Asset ( ICO-WA) or Security Token Offering ( STO) system. 

AGRIUM Token buyers connected to the AGRIUM token crypto project as shareholders in the Agrium Community.

Funds obtained from the ICO-WA/STO will be used to purchase assets and develop Organic Agriculture projects managed by Serba Farm. 

The activities of various Serba Farm projects are transparently shown using blockchain-based asset management systems. Stakeholders could see the development and the performance of AGRIUM Token based on the prevailing cryptocurrency market.

As a first step at AGRIUM Coin launching, we will conduct a private sale.  It is limited to personal and institutions considered to motivate us in creating the token.

The schedule of the ICO-WA/ STO Private Sale will be published via Twitter, Telegram, and Media.


Launchpad is held to provide opportunities for other investors outside of the Private Sale. Launchpad will provide 1% AGRIUM Coin of the total 10,000,000,000 AGRIUM or as much as 100,000,000 AGRIUM.

We publish the Launchpad implementation schedule via Twitter, Telegram, and Media.

Airdrops and Give Away

Airdrops are held after the Private Sale and Launchpad. There is 0.01% of the total AGRIUM which is 10,000,000 AGRIUM. Airdrops are carried out with or without specific terms and conditions and will be announced via Twitter and Telegram. Everyone is entitled to a minimum of 10 AGRIUM or USD 2 and has joined the AGRIUM website/Social Media.