1. 1,340 hectares of Corn Farm in Lebak, Banten, Indonesia
  2. 100 hectares Corn Farm in Jember, East Java, Indonesia
  3. 4 Hydroponic-Organic facilities in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
  4. 130 hectares of vegetable and fruit plantation in Puncak, Cianjur, West Java
  5. 80 hectares of vegetable land in Cianjur, West Java
  6. 6,000 hectares plan of Hybrid Corn Plantation in northern West Java
  7. 400 hectares plan of Horticulture Plantation in Bogor, West Java
  8. 1050 hectares plan of Horticulture Plantation in Tangerang, Banten
  9. 20 hectares plan of hydroponic organics facilities in Batam, Kepulauan Riau.
  10. 2000 hectares plan of agriculture plantation in Sumatera Selatan
  11. 300 ton per day Rice-Mill facility, take over and expansion Plan for the current market in Jawa Timur worth USD 5 million.