Serba Farm Metaverse
Serba Farm Metaverse

Serba Farm Metaverse is an Organic Farming land in Indonesia that can be rented for related organic farming activities.

  1. This is a real-time connected metaverse and real-world business. Investors can see the location of land in the metaverse as well as in the real world. They are in modules with specific crops, area, yield, profit, and land use available.
  2. You can choose the land available in the Serba Farm Metaverse. 
  3. The Serba Farm Metaverse will be available by Serba Farm Apps after paying a land lease. 
  4. The investors will receive profits according to the interests and potential of the land. 
  5. The land managed by Serba Farm (or yourself) depends on terms and requirements.
  6. The profit-sharing of the Organic Farming contract is 40% for farmers, 30% for Serba Farm, and 30% for investors. Bound by a separate agreement.