AGRIUM Coin is a digital security token created as equality for Serba Farm’s organic plantation equity shares. With the growing adoption of blockchain, Serba Farm is finding it convenient to adapt to the digitized crypto-version of equity shares. As part of a global business entity, Serba Farm has been working on the effort to spread the concept of organic farming to create a better, healthier, greener, more quantity, more civilized, and meaningful environment for future generations.

Serba Farm opens organic land plantations for industrial plants and uses the organic hydroponic method for vegetable and fruit consumption products.

Serba Farm sells products through B2B and B2C channels such as shops, supermarkets, traditional marketplaces, and online markets.

The most important thing for Serba Farm is to provide healthier, higher-quality food at a reasonable price.


The rate at which the country is losing farmers is a cause for concern. If it continues, Indonesia is likely to have no farmers left in 50 years. What will we eat? 

Agriculture manages unseriously, unprofessional, sporadic, and still using old-fashioned ways.

  1. Inadequate business planning.
  2. Not supported by sufficient capital.
  3. Poor pre-production and post-production quality.
  4. Human Resources are not sufficient; in terms of expertise, experience and motivation.
  5. Not environmentally friendly.
  6. Uncontrollable use of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides.
  7. Not enough Government support and improper regulations.
  8. Not applying corporate culture in terms of adequate management and financial capabilities in agriculture.
  9. The sequence of implementing government policies is not yet perfect so the handling of agricultural issues becomes absurd.
  10. 60% of Indonesia’s food needs are imported worth a minimum of USD 20 million a year


  1. Agriculture has to implement corporate management, both in production and finance. Efficiency in the corporation is the basis of doing business that agricultural products will meet the aspects of Quality, Quantity, and Sustainability.
  2. Global food security for the world’s population can be done by maintaining environmental sustainability
  3. Serba Farm’s experience demonstrates the team’s ability to turn old bad habits into healthier organic farming systems. Better for plants, people, and the environment.
  4. Organic Farming stores more soil organic carbon, is more fertile, is better quality, and could reduce erosion. Organic Farming reduces pollutants and is more energy-efficient. Organic Farming does not rely on synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.
  5. Since 2018 Serba Farm has proven that organic farming is a productive, healthy, and profitable business. Serba Farm produces efficiencies by using digital technology in corporate plantation management. It is all related to Quantity, Quality, and Sustainability. A contingency to achieve an increase in people’s welfare. With adequate investment support, we will improve the quality of life by greater use of market opportunities.
  6. Utilization of idle land owned by individuals, companies and indigenous peoples which amount to millions of hectares.